network tools #1

Yet another place-holder for (less popular than the likes of Wireshark – no need to repeat those) tools I have found useful in my years of toying with networking and security:

* a set of of tools, all packaged very nicely (merci, Laurent!), working on either Linux, *BSD, MacOSX (have I ever mentioned that this is my platform of choice ? – having switched from Linux a few years ago) or even Windows: Netwib/ox/ag. Could be used either via a friendly GUI (NetwAG), or simply from the command line (NetwOX). The content of this toolbox is simply amazing!

* one of my all-time favorite set of tools: ntop and nProbe. The first one – an amazing web-based network traffic analyzer, capable of working on either captured traffic mode, and/or in combination with netflow or sflow. The second one is a software probe that could capture traffic and process it in netflow format, to be sent – then – to analyzers of such (I use it extensively where Cisco netflow is not available).

* OpenNMS is a full-blown, open source Network Management solution. Its authors compare it with an enterprise-grade tool like HP OpenView. I personally consider it – alongside Nagios – a fantastic solution for centralized monitoring (a sort of informational portal)

* somehow related to the above, in the category of portal-like monitoring tool, with RRD-based graph trending capabilities is Cacti – another favorite of mine.

* “sitting” in between Cacti and the previous two NMS tools is the ‘Just For Fun’ NMS – which is an SNMP + syslog capable NMS. I have not used it in a long time, but its updated info may convince me to give it another swirl one of these days


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