securely saving kmail critical info to an USB key

This is what I have done on my macosx system for this:

1. created a directory for what I deem to be critical files (emails and configuration) on my system:

~$ md /<path-to-mail-backup-dir>/mail-backup

2. created a script able to update the backup directory, from the major ~/.kde place, tar and encrypt (using openssl and a password file to be passed to the encryption process) the tar file, then moved the encrypted file to the mounted USB volume (generically named “NO NAME” in the example). The script file is:


cd ~/.kde/share/apps/
rsync -avz ./kmail –delete /<path-to-mail-backup-dir>/mail-backup/
rsync -avz ./kabc –delete /<path-to-mail-backup-dir>/mail-backup/
cd ../config/
rsync -avz ./kmailrc* –delete /<path-to-mail-backup-dir>/mail-backup/
rsync -avz ./emailidenti* –delete /<path-to-mail-backup-dir>/mail-backup/
cd /<path-to-mail-backup-dir>/mail-backup
tar -cf mail-backup.tar /<path-to-mail-backup-dir>/mail-backup/
openssl des3 -salt -in mail-backup.tar -out mail-backup.tar.des3 -pass file:/<path-to-password-file>/password.txt
mv -f mail-backup.tar.des3 /Volumes/NO\ NAME/
rm -f mail-backup.tar*


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