Pen-testing using Backtrack and De-ICE under VMWare Fusion

Haven’t had an entry in quite a while, but tonight’s work on getting a little pen test lab setup got me to document the process, before I forget what I did 😉

So – objective: need to setup a virtual lab for pen-testing using Backtrack LiveCD as repository of penetration tools, and De-ICE LiveCDs as targets.

Problem: VMWare workstation uses a different network for the NAT option (vmnet8) than what De-ICE LiveCDs require with their pre-configured IPs (and NO, you cannot change the IP on the De-ICE LiveCDs at this stage!)

Solution: under the host terminal:

$ ifconfig

vmnet8: … inet …

$ cd /Library/Applications\ Support/VMWare\ Fusion

$ grep -R 192.168.109




Replace all 192.168.109… entries in those files (locations, dhcpd.conf and nat.conf) with the networks | IPs required by De-ICE LiveCDs (, setup the Backtrack and any De-ICE LiveCD VM as NAT and … good luck with the real work of pen-testing!


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