Nokia E61 and video creation with MacOSX

The [set of] tool[s] needed to produce a properly encoded movie for the Nokia E61 [fantastic!] smartphone is called ffmpegX.

The most successful outcome of movie encoding for this platform (video and audio) I was able to obtain was by using the following configuration:

* Quick preset (pull down list): 3gp (this one doesn’t really matter that much, as I had to modify both the Video and Audio codecs, as described below, but found it to be delivering the closest defaults … or at least I think so :))

* Video Codec (video tab): MPEG4[.MP4] (ffmpeg) with Video Bitrate = 720 & Video Size = 320×240 (or 320 + autosize 4:3) & Framerate = 12.5

* Audio Codec (audio tab): AAC (MOV/MP4/3GP) with Audio Bitrate = 160 & Sampling = 44100 & Channels: Stereo